Hi, my name is Alexa!

...not the robot...

I love sunsets, long walks on the beach, virgin pina-coladas, and talking to animals (shout out to Lefty!)

Words don't come naturally, but images do. I have loved watching light sparkle & shadows dance ever since I was a baby in sunny Hermosa Beach, CA.

While I moved east for a stint, and even tried medical school (sorry mom), it turns out I am an artist and story-teller at heart. I am also a huge nerd.

If I'm not shooting, you can find me surfing, laughing with Justin, and drinking mochas at Beacon!

Past Clients:

Delta, Disney, Kellogg's, Columbia, IQOS, Skatie, Ozma, Nine Seed, California Tourism, Big Sky Resort, Compass and more.

Commercial representation